Signposting for Safety on Site

You need a permit for the execution of works on the public domain. In order to obtain this permit, the signposting on the construction site must be perfectly in order. But don’t worry, we can arrange this for you.

To obtain a permit, you must be able to demonstrate that the construction site is safe for your personnel as well as for the surrounding traffic. This involves a signposting plan and the necessary signposts allowing the plan to be executed.

Therefore, let us take care of this signposting for you. If necessary, we visit the construction site to assess the needs of the site. Then, we draw up a signposting plan and contact the right services to obtain the permit. Finally, we draw up a schedule to install the signposts in time on the site allowing the works to be started right on time.

Rely on our experience to be sure that you have the necessary permits when renting a crane. When your signposts are placed correctly and in time, you can execute the works according to schedule.

However, do not wait too long to apply for this signposting. Each city or town applies different processing times. After all, you have to allow at least 15 to 30 working days. An application to the City of Antwerp for example has a processing time of 20 working days.

Ready for a carefree signposting?

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