A Crane to Rent for Every Job

Renting out cranes with operators is our specialty. Below, you find all mobile cranes that we rent out.

For works on the front of a building or the ground floor, our telescopic cranes are the best choice. These cranes are highly mobile and can be moved quickly on site. They can easily place material on the roof, but the operator can only operate the crane from inside his cab at the bottom of the crane. Therefore, he doesn’t always have a good view of the works.

If you have to perform works on the roof or the rear of a building, our mobile tower cranes are ideal. Since the mast is first mounted vertically upwards after which the boom is extended horizontally, this crane can always use its full lifting range. These tower cranes can also be operated from inside the cab at the top of the tower or with a remote control ensuring that the operator always has a perfect view of the works, which saves time and is much safer too.

The mobile 40m SK488 tower crane is a very powerful but compact mobile tower crane. This small powerhouse stands on only 4 axles but can lift some 2100 kg at a distance of 40 m.

The latest addition to our crane rental fleet is the mobile SK597 tower crane. This crane also stands on only 4 axles, but has a boom length of 48 m. Its new installation program allows it to be extended in the air as a result of which it can be mounted nearly everywhere.

For the more substantial works, you can deploy our mobile SK1265 tower cranes. This big six-axle crane has a boom length of 60 m making it the largest mobile tower crane on the market. The lifting heights of these cranes vary between 25,2 m and 64,2 m allowing them to access nearly all areas.